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November meeting – recap!

December 14th, 2010 · No Comments

Everyone at the last LAUW journal club meeting will back me up on this: there was indeed a November meeting. From what I remember, it included eating snacks and watching a handful of videos on YouTube. Good thing I took notes!

The selected journal article was “A School Mascot Walks Into the Library: Tapping School Spirit for Library Instruction Videos.” This was a pre-print article by Kristin J Henrich and Diane M. Prorak appearing in a recent issue of  Reference Services Review (vol. 38, no. 4).

Screenshot of one of the YouTube videos showing school mascot Joe Vandal

As summarized in the article’s abstract, the article “describes the University of Idaho Library’s efforts to develop instructional videos starring the school mascot, Joe Vandal, and integrate these videos into the curriculum using the university’s course management system.” For the meeting’s eight attendees, it offered an interesting glimpse into another academic library’s video-making and course support activities.

In discussing the article, the group agreed that:

  • the literature review was well done
  • the authors’ experience was interesting to read about
  • the authors’ parameters for creating videos based on skill development could be useful for us to follow at Waterloo

The group watched the videos described in the article during the meeting. These included Discover Your Library, Joe Vandal Finds a Book and Joe Vandal Learns About Microfilm.

Generally, the group found these videos entertaining and useful. We liked that they told a story and we appreciated many of the topics covered. We especially liked the call number instructions given in the “Joe Vandal Finds a Book” video. Some criticisms included that the videos were too long and perhaps not contemporary enough (music / narration -wise). Although we enjoyed the mascot idea, we also agreed that this approach probably wouldn’t work as well at Waterloo.

After reviewing these videos, the group watched and discussed other library videos that we have viewed and enjoyed lately. These included Penn Libraries’ student-created video to promote its Weigle information commons and the University of Alberta Libraries’ new video series.

Some of the attendees touched on the current plans for creating instructional and outreach videos at the uWaterloo Library and everyone brainstormed approaches and topics. Some prominent discussion points included to create videos on these topics:

  • An introduction to the Library
  • Primo’s functionality and have the videos embedded within the Primo catalogue at the point of need
  • An overview of the TUG locations / borrowing process
  • Our interactive floor plans
  • How to create a search strategy

The meeting ended with an idea to get students’ feedback on the different library videos currently available, to see what types they prefer.

Thanks to everyone who attended this meeting!

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