Check your links

About Link Checker

Check for expired/non-working links on your guides.

Some notes about link checker:

  • It only check links within the following box types:
    • Web Links,
    • Links & Lists,
    • Dates & Events,
    • RSS Feeds & Podcasts,
    • Books,
    • User Submits, and
    • Polls.
  • Links behind proxies, and links that redirect 1 or more times are not checked.

***Remember: Links entered in the rich text editor are not checked.***

How to check links

Login to your account and go to Tools > Link Checker

Screenshot showing location of link checker.

There you will see a list of your guides with non-working links. Here is what it looks like:

Screen showing list of broken links.

From here you can check or correct them.




September 12th, 2013

Link opens in new window

A new system-wide setting for WINDOW TARGET in LINKS BOXES has been changed.

Links will  open in the same window now, as opposed to opening in a new window; this was done so we follow accessibility guidelines.

You can check links in your guides by going into the edit menu of each link; check that the WINDOW TARGET is set to USE SYSTEM DEFAULT.

Screenshot of editing choices in a link box, showing the Window Target field.

Did you know…there is a shortcut method for opening links in a new window?

Right-click the link to get a menu of choices on where to open a link.

Right-click menu is displayed



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